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Southern Housing

Southern Housing
London & The South East, UK

SFG designed and operated the Residence Life programme across Southern Housing's seven student and five Key Worker accommodation sites in the UK.


We led the teams in the creation, organisation and execution of 500+ events over 28 programmes, tracking data and feedback to optimise the student experience. ​ We also worked with the marketing and communication teams to ensure all resources were being utilised to advertise the programme internally to current residents while also using the programme to promote the sites to potential residents externally through social media.​

SFG also provided advice to Southern Housing around  strategies to increase its student response rate for national surveys, to seek continuous improvement. 


Aberdeen & Dundee, Scotland

Since 2020, we have worked with Mezzino’s teams at its six halls in Aberdeen and Dundee to create bespoke residence life programmes based on each site’s particular demographic of students, in order to create and maintain a positive culture and community throughout.​

We have assisted with the recruitment and training of the student Residence Life Co-ordinators, educating the recruits on the importance of Residence Life and its positive impact on the overall student experience.​

SFG has also been involved with the planning and refurbishment of the common room space located in 207 King Street, Aberdeen, advising on how best to use the limited space to maximise student usage and improve the student experience. 

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