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Laura Rogers
Student Experience & Marketing Manager

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Working in the student accommodation sector since 2016, Laura has a proven passion for making the student experience inclusive for all and tailoring to best fit each institution.

Laura's role within SFG is to advise and support clients in enhancing their student experience, looking at student wellbeing and development of the Residence Life programme and site facilities. 

Keeping a finger on the pulse of higher education and current student trends, Laura takes lead for SFG's social media accounts and quarterly newsletter.


Working at Campus Living Villages for 4 years, first as a Customer Service Officer then being promoted to Residence Life Coordinator, Laura oversaw the programme of activity for all sites in the north and midlands, delivering 500 events and working interdepartmentally to ensure a high quality and well resourced programme throughout 

Since joining SFG Laura has worked closely with our clients and their staff to create and develop their Residence Life programme, capturing data and feedback from residents to fine tune and enhance their experience. 

Laura also takes ownership of the SFG marketing, including the creation and maintenance of the website, organising the quarterly newsletters and creating content for the social media accounts. 

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